G W Anderson Fund

The Origin of the Fund

(Updated December 19, 2009) The G. W. Anderson Fund was established by Dave Anderson in memory of his brother, the late George Anderson, who died accidentally in a hunting accident. George was a teacher who spent his short working life in the north. He was active in many sports and encouraged all his students to reap the benefits of participation. The creation of this fund is a way to keep memories of George fresh in the lives of those who knew him and to provide some small, but positive, assistance to young people through the sport of swimming. Dave Anderson was President of NWT Swimming Association in the late 1990's. He has been an international level swim official for many years. Contributions to the G.W.Anderson Fund have been made by the Anderson family and others in memory of:

Grace Crawford                                              Ernest W. Anderson

Helen C. (Anderson) Hemmingson                   Elmer Hemmingson

Iona J. Tocheniuk                                          Alden Earle

Dorothy Clydesdale                                        Ronald Earle

Gordon Moseson                                            Ellen Anderson

Jean E. Johnson                                             Barb Sjolin

Louise Fowler                                                 David Lincoln Larson

Evangaline Dennis                                          Frank Matjaz

Neil Owen Lepps                                             Elwood Howerton

Perry Johnson

Donations from others are welcome and can be made payable to the NWT Swimming Association.

What is it For?

Anyone can apply for funds on behalf of swimmers who are in need of funding to allow them to actively participate in competitive swimming where it would be otherwise difficult for them to do so. Examples may be the purchase of a team swim suit, personal spending money for road trips, and club or associate membership dues. It should be demonstrated that the individual would not be able to properly participate if it was not for the G. W. Anderson Fund. G. W. Anderson Fund grant recipients remain anonymous.

How Much Funding is Available?

The fund is setup so that only 20% of the total capital is available for applicants in any given year. The remaining portion will stay in an investment vehicle to ensure that the fund increases over time and is not depleted.

How to Apply

Submit a request to NWT Swimming in writing. The Executive will review the application and provide an answer on the availability of funding as soon as possible. Applicants can contact the NWT Swimming Association by emailing:  k_ryee@northwestel.com