Season Registration

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hello Everyone,

As we are starting off the season with some changes in both payments and 
group names, we have experienced some setbacks with updating the website. My 
apologies for that. Your board and coach(s) are working hard towards solving 
the issues.

Monday afternoon (4-6:30pm) will be the beginning of our swim season for all 
groups. Ebony and Carolina, your club treasurer and registrar, will be on 
hand to collect your post dated fundraising cheques, your $208 payment for 
SwimAlberta (if not already collected), and your monthly payment information 
for those families paying their fees in instalments. For all families paying 
online through the website in one lump sum, please wait to pay till the board 
receives the ok that everything is in place with the groups and fee 

*Important information*

You have or will be receiving a club generated email saying what group your 
swimmer(s) has been accepted into. For this to occur you need to have your 
swimmer(s) listed under your login profile. If no swimmer is entered, coach 
Jane can not assign your swimmer a swim group. Exception to this is our new 
puddleduck group and beaver.

On the club website's main page you will find a button in the middle of the 
page with club training schedule. The file with schedule with lanes 2017-18 [1] is 
very colourful but down the side it lists the groups swim times. For those in 
our new dolphin 1 (same swim time as tadpoles and puddleducks) and beaver 
(swim Friday) groups please be patient we are adding it soon.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.